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Our overheads costs are low which makes us more competitive in the market. We charge by the hour that we actually work on your project. This will not include meetings, team discussions, research, phone calls, and emails. We will be happy to work on any project. Our fee is even less when we are not on your business site. However, there will be additional costs involved if we need to configure the third party add-ons such as interface, creating reports, scanning, bar-coding, and data integration. You will only pay for the actual services and there will not be any hidden fees showing up during the project. We do not charge in advance. Finally, our fees are even less when duration of the project increases.


When filling your IT needs, consider the cost of employing a dedicated IT programmer. You pay the salary and benefits, and you must provide on-going training, along with the necessary hardware, software, and office space. You keep paying for these no matter what your IT needs are. When you hire SanComp, we help you reduce your IT costs because you pay only for the services you need at the time. Call or email today to see how SanComp can meet your IT needs.


Our clients don’t pay anything till they see our work!

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