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Sancomp is a full-service software development company dedicated to integrating systems with future technologies and customized applications, perfectly designed to fit your needs. We can develop any kind of software on any platform. After a free consultation to go over your software needs, you define the job as small as eight hours or as big as long-term IT management. We offer the following services:

  • IT consulting
  • Software implementation and development
  • Systems integration
  • Network support
  • Application analysis, upgrades, and support
  • Database conversion, new database development, and data manipulation networking
  • Programming Languages - ASP .NET, C/C++, HTML, JavaScript, XML, C Shell and
  • SQL servers, Oracle, and Informix
  • UNIX
  • Reports development
  • Onsite training
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010 server and design work
  • Healthcare data analysis, EMR or EHR support
  • Integrated Desktop Management Software
  • Support for HL7 interfaces and building new ones
  • Health Information Exchange using secure communication

Our developers write the code for your project and assist you with application analysis, design, testing, and implementation. Each phase is tested by multiple developers. We use industry-specific coding standards, but you can also define and enforce your standards on your project. Because we work so closely with you through the planning and design phase, our developers will have the thorough knowledge of your project before coding starts. Weekly updates on your project are available on request, allowing you to change direction at any time. 

SanComp provides employees who will be dedicated on your project only. You can hire one programmer or three for a single project and they will stay on your project only till it's finished and delivered. We offer both contract and full-time personnel. They develop, support, and administer a range of enterprise applications. All our employees have extensive industry experience. 

Our success is attributed to our solid understanding of client business and technical needs, an unwavering commitment to providing quality talent, and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our Goal - Your project will have 100% efficiency. Make your life simple. Do what you do best. Let us take care of your software and IT needs.

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Our Services
IT Consulting
Software Implementation and Development
Systems Integration
Application Analysis
Data Manipulation Networking
SQL Servers
SSIS data packages
Reports Developer
Onsite Training
Share Point
Your Solution, Our Promise
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